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My Stelara Injection

Every 6 weeks I inject myself with Stelara, a type of Ustekinamab which helps to treat my Crohn's Disease. It is an immunosuppressant drug that supresses my immune system to try and stop it from attacking my healthy gut tissue. This is a video from my 1st ever injection.

 What it is like becoming the 'sick kid'.

I created this little video to express how it felt to go from living a totally normal life as an 18 year old at University to suddenly being diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease and being so sick that you cant move from a hospital bed.

Day in the life of an IBD fighter
(On a Good Day)

To celebrate World IBD Day 2021 I made a video to show you a day in my life as a Crohn’s fighter when I am not in a flare up!
For the first time in half a year I am not in hospital or not in an extreme flare up. So I want to show you that you can live an amazing life with an autotimme disease.
IBD can impact you terribly all hours of the day or only 1 hour of day. I have learnt to enjoy the time I do have that symptoms aren’t too bad.

Here’s my day in the sun! 

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